Help Center

Welcome to Uride's Help Center! Here, we provide our valued customers, drivers/service providers, as well as stores the support they need to successfully navigate through our Super App.

You first step is to login! You can do so by clicking one of the portals to your preferred social media website in order to login using those credentials. Alternatively, you may enter your name, mobile number, and/or email address.

After logging in, select the service you wish to order, provide the delivery address, pay for your order and your job is done! Now, your order will be processed by the store and a service provider will be with you shortly!

After all is said and done, we ask that you provide feedback so we can continue to improve our service. We appreciate all input, as our improvement requires it!

So, come, take the plunge into this unique application and download it on your mobile phone today, as soon as you use this app we can assure you that you will be glued to us for a long time. No, not boasting. Use the app yourself and see the difference in how you receive and offer services on a whole.

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