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We not only offer our customers a multitude of reliable services, but also focus on the welfare of all providers on the Uride platform. Start earning by offering services on the Uride platform. You work according to your own schedule and are part of a network that works together. We provide a flexible environment for our drivers so that everyone wins.


This app was designed to make working easy. Let's look at how it works.

    Register yourself on the app by providing your email address, phone number and social media platforms like Facebook, and Instagram. If you are already registered on the app then login by providing your ID and password.


    Enter your pickup and drop-off location, and select the delivery service you need.


    Customers can track their orders by using the real-time tracking option available in the app. This feature allows the users to know how much time it will take the vehicle to reach the pickup location.


    Payments can be made by using debit cards, credit cards or wallet option integrated into the app.


    At the end of your order, by providing your authentic and valuable feedback, it will allow us to ensure that providers provide quality services for users on the Uride Platform.

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Our seamless platform offers a variety of professional services. Sign up is quick and our team can have you on the road asap. Loaded with lots of features, and with new ones constantly being added, this will be the app people in your community use daily.

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Share your referral code with your friends, family or colleagues and start earning as people use our services.

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Download our astonishing app now and make solving day to day problems a breeze. We are here to make your life easier!

  • Real-time tracking
  • Pocket-friendly services
  • Easy bookings
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Join the Uride Network

Your income is now in your hands.

  • Make Great Money

    Providers on the Uride platform are part of a network. When you drive with our platform you offer popular services in your community. Money is deposited on a weekly basis to make it simple for everyone.

  • Set Your Own Schedule

    On our platform you can set your own schedule. Our dispatch team works alongside providers to make sure everyone knows the opportunities for highest service demand.

  • Safety

    With drivers and customers using the app, we are able to make sure everyone involved is safe throughout each transaction.

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